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Friday, February 11, 2011

Upcoming + Red King + Hometown press


I INTERVIEW MY VISITORS returns with a 2-part interview. For some reason, the first one of these I ever did is extremely popular and still gets daily hits, all this time later. I can't figure it out (other than the fact that Susanna is a charming woman!) I can understand people still keeping qarrtsiluni-related posts alive, but some of the others are more surprising to me. What's going on with the Midget Palace post, say? Shorties of all kinds, I love you!

THE THRONE OF PSYCHE news will continue.

I will be writing and posting a 6-part series that I might just call WHY I AM NOT A GRUMPY OLD BOOKWOMAN: OR, WRITERS IN WONDERLAND. You may remember the Grumpy Old Bookman and his advice to writers. I duly read and got a lot out of it, some years ago. But I have a somewhat different point of view. I intend this series to answer some of the questions that writers of various ages ask me. Topics covered will be somethng like this: Print Publishing: Persisting and Giving Up; Randomness, Luck, and Being Lucky; Doing What You Want to Do; Home Life and Being a Writer; The Calling of Publishers vs. the Internet; A Salad of Advice, or What Nobody Wants.


“Mezzo Cammin” has picked up four more The Book of the Red King poems: “The Rose of Laughter, Laughter of the Rose” and “The Grail” for the June issue; “All Hallowed Angels Say” and “The Peacock’s Tail” for the December issue. And I'll be reading at the "Mezzo Cammin" reading at the West Chester Poetry Conference in June. More about that later on.


Hometown interviewers tend to ask you different sorts of questions from other journalists. Here’s Maggie Tobias at The Sylva Herald, published seven miles from where I went to high school in Cullowhee.

Photograph credit goes to and Robert Linder of Springfield, Missouri.


  1. Marly,
    Being the recipient of your interviewing prowess, I am most grateful for you and for your readers' desire to learn about the people you question.
    I enjoyed the hometown review, and learned some new things about you and your family.
    Congrats on getting more of those red king poems published in Mezza Cammin! Do they come out of PA or NY?

  2. Also, I guess I missed the short people posts, but they are definitely up my short alley.

  3. Robbi,

    They must be up a lot of people's alley lately, because everybody's going to the Midget Palace post! Short people unite! I'll have to add a link. Shall do later...

    "Mezzo Cammin" is now based in PA but is online only. "The Book of the Red King" is still unfinished. It will come out somewhere, but I haven't thought about that yet. Too much on my plate already! Help!

  4. Well that is interesting. I would imagine that its one person. I cant imagine 10 different people wanting to look at that. I might be southern-outrageous but Im not that interesting.

    I am glad you interviewed me when you did though. I feel like a shell of that girl now but some how by the grace of god still moving forward.

  5. although, I just remembered that I refrenced my interview a couple weeks ago in a post about how I relish anon comments.

  6. Hello Susanna--

    If you are partly a shell, it is only because you have cracked and let out another self, I imagine. You have been through a lot and taken on many new challenges... Of course you are (and were) interesting!

    I have a friend who pops up guised in another name now and then. It is always amusing to ponder whether a particularly odd name just might be him.

  7. I read your Hearad interview and it was really good. Congrats on your book and award if I hadnt said it already

  8. Thanks, Susanna!

    I need to write Maggie and tell her.


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