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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Seren: video, newsletter, review, more...

                                            CLICK ME, says Alice's video, though rather shyly.

on this page and the pages of Seren of the Wildwood is the splendid handiwork of Clive Hicks-Jenkins.


Eep! I've been posting away on social media and entirely forgetting the blog. But here I am, and HERE's today's newsletter from Wiseblood Books, focusing on Seren of the Wildwood and Dana Gioia's translation of Seneca’s The Madness of Hercules. Interesting letter with links for pre-orders (better hurry if you want a pre-order price--and you can get the pre-order price plus shipping if you live abroad), and even a homemade video from moi! Enjoy...


And here is the very first review of the book, a happy long double-pager. Click to enlarge. I'm grateful to Tessa Carman for spending her time on it, and to Fr. Mark Michael for assigning a review in The Living Church (ECUSA/Anglican Communion.) Don't I need business cards that read Master Enchanter now?


Here you may see three Seren of the Wildwood (Wiseblood Books) copies at the home of L.A.-and-Chicago artist Leonard D. Greco, Jr. 


I'll be doing a reading near D. C. in early March, and then at City Lights (Sylva) and Goldberry (Concord) at mid-month. After that, some in and near Cooperstown. And then we shall see. I have a house reading scheduled, and I'm also open to those if they're not too far from Cullowhee or Cooperstown, or on the road between...

The Rollipoke 23, with more Seren news, is HERE.

Monday, February 06, 2023

The Rollipoke, 23: Cover reveal! Pre-order links! More!

in-process detail, jacket/cover image
by Clive Hicks-Jenkins
for Seren of the Wildwood

My TinyLetter newsletter, The Rollipoke, went out to subscribers early this morning. This time I'm opening it up to the public, as it is the first announcement for Seren of the Wildwood (Wiseblood Books, March 6, 2023.)

Here's the full address, which you are welcome to share: Jump to the newsletter by clicking HERE.