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Monday, July 02, 2007

Wahoodles Soup

Update, July 24: No, I'm still not coming back until September, but just wanted to note that my penpal Howard Bahr has moved from Henry Holt to MacAdam/Cage for his fourth novel. They are going to publish the book that springs out of his life as a train-going man, long ago. How wise they are. I have a train ms. lying around as well. Someday. But Howard really knows trains. Now, back to my maniacally-busy summer.
Update, July 8: After much wrestling with my laptop, I can now enter my own web sites! That dratted McAfee! So I will definitely be back... With a report on frolics at the Center for Cartoon Studies and other odd excursions.
Aporia, 2007
Dead-as-doornails computer, laptop that won't access blogger, raging carpal tunnel, three children in a chaotic summer of workshops and camp-ferrying and so on: I'm taking July and August "off," friends and passers-by. See you soon.