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Saturday, December 29, 2018

At the threshold of years: a few resolutions

Caspar David Friedrich, A Dreamer
Wikipedia Commons

Merry 5th day of Christmas and Happy New Year,
with some thoughts, hopes, and plans for the coming year...
  • Turn in two final book manuscripts.
  • Continue running the Christ Church Cooperstown women's group another year--next up, a book discussion about the curious medieval document, The Cloude of Unknowyng. (Last year, there was one book event--Buechner's Godric.) Figure out some more wild outings and events and workshops, often arts-related.
  • Send out at least one poetry manuscript. 
  • Do some work for Fr. James Krueger's meditation retreat Mons Nubifer Sanctus in Lake Delaware with my friend Laurie, now that we're both on the board.
  • Read more. 2018 was a bad year for reading because I was stretched a bit too thin. I want to read more classical writers and also some of the early Christian mystical writers. More poetry and stories. And the stack of unread novels.
  • Make like a tree and put forth green leaves. Drink from deep sources.
  • Work on that odd idea for a new novel. Secret, of course.
  • Improve my health to avoid losing months to illness...
  • Skip blurbing other people's books for at least a year (because I couldn't manage those commitments in 2018.)
  • Keep up with volunteering because that is, well, right. (If you're not entirely happy with your life, try volunteering in various sorts of places--you find out that you receive a great deal more than you give.)
  • Mess around with collecting the stories.
  • Remember love one another, and that I can't transform the world but can be transformed--and that such a thing does budge the world a tiny bit. We are each rather tiny...
  • Be a responsive mother, wife, daughter, friend. That's a goal for every year.
  • Be grateful that I live in a warm house in a cold climate, that the lights and plumbing work, that peace mostly reigns in my country, and that I manage to keep getting requests for book manuscripts even though I haven't bent the knee to the gods of publishing and marketing in the various helpful but unclean ways possible.
  • Prune my book collection so that the second story of my 1808 house doesn't fall into the first, organize my manuscripts, and clean my hodgepodge writing room.
  • Don't run after what the culture declares as valuable. Sink into what matters and what lasts.
  • Laugh and be joyful. Frolic with that curious secret society known under various names, including The Bread and Cheese Club.
  • Don't ever tell your deepest, most glowing resolutions in such a silly thing as a blog post!
Make liminal wishes...

Monday, December 24, 2018

Besançon Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve... 
Joseph tends the baby (i.e. the teeny-weeny Word or Logos) 
while Mary reads the Word; 
the pure and impure animals are joined in the pen, 
and the ass is munching on Joseph's halo! 
From the 15th century Besançon Book of Hours. 
French, vellum.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Revelator, etc.

Have to admit that I was surprised by the huge numbers of people who wanted to weigh in on what my author picture should be... so many bossy, nosy, imaginative, funny people, particularly via facebook but also in other places. So here is another chance if you feel like being a smart-aleck or keen-eyed or wise judge: Marly at 65 board. I need one for a novel, one for a book of poems.


News of the moment: you can read a piece of my fiction, "Prospero's Island," at the new Big Apple issue of Revelator Magazine, brainchild of Eric Schaller and Matt Cheney. And you can read one of my poems as well--"The White Orchard." So you could have Miranda and Caliban and Prospero and Isaac Newton on this lovely winter's day... Plus a lot of other interesting work by Richard Bowes, Craig Gidney, Chad Wood, and more. (Even Old Ezra!)


Laptop still in agonies... Let's just hope the Time Machine releases all my files on a repaired or new laptop by the middle of next week... Otherwise I will spend the next few years typing manuscripts!

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Laptop gave up the electronic ghost last night. Hoping for mechanical resurrection in a week or thereabouts. Until then, read a book! xo