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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Laptop gave up the electronic ghost last night. Hoping for mechanical resurrection in a week or thereabouts. Until then, read a book! xo


  1. Too busy packing books right now to read any of them. Moving would be so much easier if we were illiterate.

    1. Haha! Ain't that the truth! The books Mary and I possess take up more space and weigh more than anything else we own. We've promised each other that we will never move house again.

    2. Hee hee. The first time we walked into the house we just purchased, Diane gripped my hand and whispered, "This is it. This is our house." Then she added, a little louder, "We're going to die in this house." I laughed and hastened to say that I hoped she meant peacefully, and a long, long time from now.

  2. Via borrowed laptop: Yes, I'm seriously worried about my writing room. Must jettison some books in the next few months. Looks a little over-weighted from underneath and don't want to squash any stray humans underneath...

  3. Especially, don't change houses in a move that involves a transatlantic crossing. The US Post Office said it was OK and gave us mail-sacks in which to stuff our books (including Mencken' study of the US language and a huge biography of Hector Berlioz, as I recall). It wasn't OK The onus fell upon my best friend in the US whose recent death I mentioned in the post Mike, It's Been an Honour. He grumbled good-heartedly about meeting all sorts of unknown US Customs regulations. In gratitude I sent him - you've guessed it! - a book.

    I wondered about a laptop (VR has one) and its portability. But I worried whether the screen would be large enough for DTP work. My present desktop is about a decade old and my savvy grandson listened to my "must have" requirements. His verdict: "You have a desktop because you need a desktop. So get another."


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