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Forthcoming books

Detail from a jacket image
by artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins of Wales.

A novel forthcoming in Spring 2020

A novel not yet announced by the publisher!
Set in the seventeenth-century Massachusetts Bay Colony,
you may call this a Southerner's attempt
to at last understand Yankees...

A long poetry collection forthcoming by Summer 2019

The Book of the Red King
has made its first "sneak peek" appearance
at the website of Phoenicia Publishing in Montreal.
The book is being formatted, 
the interior art is underway,
and the loveliest, most stellar blurbs have been collected. 

One of the curious and happy things about this book 
is that a good deal of artwork inspired by the poems appeared 
long before they were even scheduled to be published in book form.
Here are a couple of samples.

The King and the Fool
by Mary Boxley Bullington.

One of a long series of works by artist Kim Vanderheiden,
who received a poem from the collection in the mail
and was inspired by it.

Another piece by Kim Vanderheiden.


  1. So cool!! Can't wait to see these books out. I love the poems from the Red Kings that you have shared in the past.

    1. Midori, thank you, thank you! I think that one will be down your own little alley!

  2. How wonderful!! 2020 seems so far away when one in anticipating a new Youmans masterpiece - and now two. Be still my leaping heart/hart.

    1. Jeffery, thank you so much for remembering me when you have a brand new book out--and especially lovely-looking, too.

  3. Amazing. I am awaiting these beauties.

    1. Thanks, Robbi--I am looking forward to seeing them...

  4. A personal, perhaps even selfish experience for those who write. Two books to which nothing more may, or can, be added. The skin is sloughed, two pebbles removed from our footwear. No more nagging thoughts about that illusory goal of perfection.

    Of course other skins may be grown, other pebbles acquired, but never mind. Whoever thought that finality could be such a delicious and calming state of mind?

    1. Yes, it is good to feel completion, even though nothing is ever perfect. I had to cut the poetry ms. considerably, as it was gigantic... And I'll probably have another go-round on the novel after I get editorial comments, though people tend to say my mss. are "clean."

  5. A high school friend quoted a definition of "Yankee": outside the USA, somebody from the USA; In the USA, but outside the north, somebody from the north; within the north, someone from New England; within New England, someone from Maine or New Hampshire; within Maine and New Hampshire, someone who has pie for breakfast. (I'm not sure about the states in the last two steps--it has been a while since high school.) An odd breed, apparently, however one draws the boundaries. I heard this in Colorado. But my friend's parents were from Iowa, part of which maybe not theirs) is clearly Greater New England.

    Anyway, I trust that you will have figured the Yankees out. Quite a few natives and sojourners have tried, and found themselves disenchanted.

    1. Disenchanted... Well, I'm hoping for a little book enchantment along the way.

      I've heard some of that but not all. Sort of a matreshka series of definitions. I think it has to be pie with baked beans out of the same skillet to be properly Yankee!


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