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Sunday, January 16, 2022

New mag, live reading TODAY!


Okay, tonight's Zoom reading announcement (with links) is up--again, that's Pacific Standard Time 7:30, so check the time converter! With Jorge Quintana.

ZOOM reading Monday the 17th

Tomorrow I am scheduled for an online reading, but the information is not up yet. Here's what I have so far--zoom link, i.d., and password. I will add more about the second reader etc. when I have more.

7:30pm Pacific Standard Time / Online only
That would be 10:30 Eastern Standard Time. 
And here's a time converter-around-the-world:

Meeting ID: 763 873 3462 
password: r3trnofsdv


Clip from editor David Stephenson:
Welcome to the first issue of Pulsebeat.  I was pleased with the response to my call for submissions; I received a large number of enjoyable poems from a variety of accomplished poets, including some actual musicians.   It was exciting to see new submissions appear in the inbox like presents tied with bows.  I’ve very grateful to everyone who sent me their poetry.

My poem, "A Child in Snow and Sleep," is HERE.  But read the whole thing--lots of poems by interesting writers.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Charisean, Clivean, and poems!

Yellow Hen and Sunflowers. 2021. Oil, gouache and pencil on panel. 
All paintings from the current
Clive Hicks-Jenkins series...


Clive Hicks-Jenkins made chapter headings and the cover of Charis in the World of Wonders. Then the chapter headings became a cunning line of plates, cups, bowls, teapots, etc. from Sussex Lustreware! And now Clive has made a whole series of paintings featuring the Sussex Lustreware with Charis chapter headings. 

Next up, I'm expecting wallpaper, fabric, everything in the world to be Charisean and Clivean! He is such a clever fellow...

Swan and Snail, 2021
Oil, gouache and pencil on panel.


HERE's an extended review of Charis in the World of Wonders by a retired English teacher, posting at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Chronicles Community Forum. 

Clip: "People today are regrettably predisposed to assume they know all they need to know about the people of Marly Youmans's novel. They may enjoy the fresh air that will blow through their minds when they read this accomplished novel."

This painting has a Sussex "Loyal Friend" mug
nestled into a toy theatre
by Jim Pilston.


Had lots of lovely feedback on "Birds and Lilies in Rugosa Canes" (poem.) It's on p. 44, but you can flip through and read the whole magazine HERE.

I'll have to nab the title from Clive later--
don't see it with the facebook image.


"The Curtal Candlelight at Tenebrae" (poem) can be found by flying HERE.

This one has garnered lots of gorgeous comments here and there, but I think my favorite might be this: 


And if you missed "Starting with a Sentence by Aidan Hart" at First Things, pop over HERE to read. I love Aidan Hart's book on icons and much more, Beauty Spirit Matter. This poem also found a lot of readers and commenters--a thing which I appreciate so much.

                                                        Cockerel and Lustreware Teapot. 2021
Oil, gouache and pencil on panel.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

"Starting with a Sentence by Aidan Hart"

As I've had to be away a great deal this year, I haven't posted much... but here's a poem that just emerged in First Things, in print and online.
Posting in the small hours with a wave to fellow insomniacs...

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

My Puritan story at CT...

Charis has clambered on top of the new-and-noteworthy reviews at Christianity Today. I'm very glad to have that attention, and happy for the words of reviewer and novelist Heather Cross

Charis in the World of Wonders

Marly Youmans (Ignatius Press)

Set in Massachusetts Bay Colony during the 1690s, Charis in the World of Wonders plunges us into the mind, language, and worldview of a young woman struggling to survive yet finding grace in unexpected places. Youmans’s lush prose evokes a preindustrial, perilous, socially connected world in which the Divine has sovereign reign over outcomes both joyous and sorrowful. Reading it feels like traveling through time and space to experience reality laid bare: Life is fragile, humans need each other, and the created world is shot through with beauty, fear, mystery, and God.

Read more of the list HERE.