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Monday, November 20, 2023

Kingdom Poets, Clive, Seren, Charis, more...

Here's a sprinkling of recent poems and notices. I've become bad about adding things here because blogs are in abeyance, but these are a few things that have popped up recently.

A glad thank you is due to D. S. Martin for a column in Kingdom Poets. He talks about and quotes from Seren of the Wildwood (Wiseblood Books, 2023) and then features my poem, "The Hand" (previous published in Artemis; reprint & audio at The New Decameron.)  

And here's another poem that is accruing shares on twitter:  "The Third, the Youngest Sson in Fairy Tales." Curtal sonnet that fools around with the collision between longish multisyllabic and monosyllabic rhymes. In The North American American Anglican.

Clive Hicks-Jenkins on the other side of the pond, writing on instagram about making the art 🎨 for Seren of the Wildwood (WisebloodBooks, 2023) 🌿, along with comments on the Seth Wright review in Front Porch Republic.

Sad about the end of fall, but here's "Hunger and Cloud" to read from Ekstasis. "In dreams, we eat the cloud of unknowing, / Not with medieval..." 

Loving fresh attention to Charis in the World of Wonders via the Well-Read Mom October read, yet not forgetting new Seren of the Wildwood (WisebloodBooks). Seth Wright's review, "A Plunge into the Mythic Wood," from Front Porch Republic: "Youmans’ gift for creating primordial archetypal images that stir the gut and fascinate the eye of the mind places her among the best of the poets." I need to post some clips from recent reviews soon!


  1. Hi, RR! What is that towing thing doing there? Is that the "they?" Must delete! I am behind in everything but will visit after I do some blurbs and such. Aiee. More anon. Be well, you hear?

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  3. should have read:

    My comment looks so-o-o lonely. But where's my stimulus? Are you familiar with clerihews?

    The moustache of Adolf Hitler
    Could hardly be littler,
    Was a thought that kept recurring
    To Field-Marshall Göring.

    But you have to know how umlauting the o changes its pronunciation. Another problem: both these guys were politicians so no doubt you sedulously ignored them.

    1. Hah, would that such creatures could be ignored with impunity.... that they were capable of no harm.

      Have been guilty of committing a clerihew or two, but it kept, I have no idea where it/they might be. Like the Hitler/littler rhyme, haha! And we all know what we're talking about when a man such as Hitler is accused of having something little....

      Yes, I'm sorry--all my comments come via social media these days! We are dinosaurs to even have such things anymore, but that's okay. Even if you're my only blog-commenter, I am very glad to see you and shall hope over your way soon. I've just been over-stretched of late.


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