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Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Some time next month I shall be abandoning my family at home (wishing particularly good luck to the job-hunting son while I'm away) and heading to Fujimura Institute in Pasadena, and I have many things to accomplish before that date. So I'll be ignoring my blog for a while, unless something surprising happens.

In book news, Charis in the World of Wonders is back from the printers and looks scrumptious. My illuminator Clive Hicks-Jenkins outdid himself, and that's hard to do. Better get one while it's pre-pub rates! Both Charis and The Book of the Red King pages have been updated, so please check them out via the tabs above. And there's a lot of news about both on both my twitter and facebook pages....

Friday, February 14, 2020

And now Charis rejoices...

Saw a St. Valentine in a glass coffin last year in Stephansdom in Vienna.
He had the fanciest curled-toed shoes!
Medieval images of love 


Releasing pre-publication comments from Makoto Fujimura, John Wilson, Augustine Wetta, Emily Barton, and Fiorella De Maria (novelists/painter-writer/editor), together with the flap copy book description and a note from Clive Hicks-Jenkins on the updated page for my wild Puritan adventure, Charis in the World of Wonders, out in March from Ignatius. 


The ever-thoughtful John Wilson has a new essay up at First Things, and it includes lovely comments on Charis in the World of Wonders. And he calls my illuminator "the incomparable Clive Hicks-Jenkins." I may have to call him Clive the Incomparable from now on...

You may read the whole essay, "Desiderata," at First Things, and here is the much-to-be-desired Marly-and-Clive paragraph for your perusal:

A writer I greatly admire and have sometimes written about, Marly Youmans, has a new book coming late in March from Ignatius Press: Charis in the World of Wonders, with cover art and illustrations by the incomparable Clive Hicks-Jenkins. This novel, set in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, should occasion a piece that tackles the whole sweep of Youmans’s work. She’s not part of any fashionable faction, and much as I would be delighted and surprised to see it receive generous attention in the New York Times Book Review and other such outlets, I am mainly hoping that First Things, Commonweal, Image, and other kindred publications will not let this opportunity pass.
The morning began with icefall that has coated every twig, needle, and leaf of summer. And it has continued onto a remarkably thick and beautiful snowfall. But such encouragement makes me feel warm and cosy...

Monday, February 03, 2020

The Fool rejoices...

Art by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

"The Book of the Red King seems to me like a major work, 
if that is a term anyone still uses in the context of poetry."
--Amateur Reader at Wuthering Expectations

So pleased to have the marvelous, wide-ranging Amateur Reader (aka Tom) make a post about The Book of the Red King. (He also mentions a post from novelist Scott G. F. Bailey--always insightful--about the book, and some remarks from poet and novelist Fred Chappell.) I love how he does not insist on pinning down meaning but lets the book keep its strange freedoms.

And here it is. 


A poem and two reviews by me,
plus an interview in the NCLROnline,
plus much more...
Click on this link, and then click 
on the image of the cover you see.
Or click individual links below.

James Applewhite finalist
p. 55

A Virtual Road-Trip Interview:
Conversations with Five Expatriate
North Carolina Writers
Dale Ray Phillips p. 57
Tara Powell p. 60
De'Shawn Charles Winslow p. 66
Robert Morgan p. 75
(There's also a long piece about George Hovis
and his new book, The Skin Artist, on p. 44.)

(reviews of two new Nieman books)