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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Philip Lee Williams & The Throne of Psyche

Surprises are tricksy.

Sometimes you hold a thing as a surprise-to-come, and then you have to give it unexpectedly after a different, unforeseen surprise comes to pass.

On the 5th, writer Philip Lee Williams (come fall, we will have corresponded for a decade) posted a lovely piece about me and the upcoming book, The Throne of Psyche.
So I had to tell him that I had dedicated the book to him.

When you give a little gift, and then the gift turns out to mean a lot to the person, it is thrilling.

At left: "Crown of Laurel" by Sulamith Wulfing. I picked it because when somebody says such good things about one's writing, it is like being crowned with laurel, as poets were once crowned in the old days when poetry still ran in people's veins.

* * *
P. S. If you go to Phil's link, you'll find out some good things about his upcoming books!

P. P. S. Picture: Hmm, not sure where I originally took it from. Probably, a great illustration site worth visiting. Public domain image.


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