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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Red King Red King Red King

The Red King and the Fool are popular fellows. They seem to be liked everywhere they go, thus far. I haven’t sent many out as yet, but here’s where online poems stand.

Up today in The Flea are “The Red King’s Sword,”
“What the Fool Whispered to the Wentletrap,”
and “Jeux de Pages.

Here are the also out-and-about and the forthcoming:

“About the Red Book” in Mezzo Cammin

“The King and the Fool” in Mezzo Cammin

“The Birthday Cap” in Mezzo Cammin

“The Starry Fool” in Mezzo Cammin

“The Two Tables” in Mezzo Cammin

“The Moon of Precious Wentletrap” in Mezzo Cammin

“The Turret Stairs” in Mezzo Cammin

“Directions for a Birthday Hat” in Mezzo Cammin

“The Birthday Roses” at qarrtsiluni, with a podcast and more than fifty comments (very pleasing!):

You may also find “Wielding the Tree Finder” there!

“The Fool’s Confession” forthcoming in June, Mezzo Cammin.

“The Red King’s Blossom-Tide” forthcoming in June, Mezzo Cammin

“The Rose of Laughter, Laughter of the Rose” in June, Mezzo Cammin

“The Grail,” in June, Mezzo Cammin

“Scholastic Interlude,” forthcoming in June, Mezzo Cammin

“’My Poor Fool is Hang’d,’” forthcoming in December, Mezzo Cammin

“The Fool and the Sublime,” forthcoming in December, Mezzo Cammin

“The Desire for the Red King,” forthcoming in December, Mezzo Cammin

“All Hallowed Angels Say,” forthcoming in December, Mezzo Cammin

“The Peacock’s Tail,” forthcoming in December, Mezzo Cammin

Can you tell that I like Mezzo Cammin and its bright editor, poet Kim Bridgford? Lots of my other poems from forthcoming books are there. And I look forward to meeting her in June.

And a reminder: pre-order discounts are still on for The Throne of Psyche.
Photograph courtesy of Vangelis Thomaidis of Athens and


  1. From this lazy person, a shake of my own bells and staff in admiration at the beauty you have produced here.

  2. Thanks, Robbi--Just got in from a day of ferrying boys across the face of New York in way too much snow and ice. Bad out there.

  3. The Red King's Sword - love that! All that loud textural noise and clatter in wonderful ugliness. I like that one a lot.
    Wielding the Tree Finder is pastoral in a huge way. I liked that one very much too. One wonderful tone poem that.

    And snow.
    The snow is not dancing, the snow is being very obstinate there indeed!

  4. Alder White must be a friend of Willow's! No doubt an artsy fellow with music at his fingertips.

    I shall have to write something about grueling-yet-beautiful drive today. Dancing snow devils...

    Have gotten some fan letters from writers on these. That is fun too!


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