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Friday, February 04, 2011

The Throne of Psyche: pre-order discounts

If you are an Amazon buyer rather than a local shopper, links are now up with pre-order discounts. The paperback is discounted 32% and the hardcover 34%. Can we say, dirt cheap?



Other options are your local independent bookseller or ordering direct from the publisher, Mercer University Press, a way of buying which gives them a generous return. I just ordered R. H. W. Dillard's new book, What Is Owed the Dead, that way from Factory Hollow Press. And reminded his facebook fans of Kenneth Rexroth's immortal words, "People who say they love poetry and never buy any are cheap sons-of-bitches!"

Amusing and wonderful Paul Digby (composer, photographer, curator, bespoke framemaker--and I don't know what else!) is progressing on a video featuring "The Exile's Track" from The Throne of Psyche. That's a darkish sort of poem, and there will be cellos! More on that effort anon.

Illustrations: Jacket/cover of The Throne of Psyche along with an image of the original painting from which the image is drawn, "Touched" by Clive Hicks-Jenkins.


  1. Now that's some discount!
    A treasure to add to one's bookshelves for sure. Clive Hicks-Jenkins art is fantastic, by the way. What a scoop for the cover. I wonder whether this artist was someone you chose or whether your publisher has exceptional taste in art as well as literature (?)

  2. Drat, I hate it when Blogger eats my responses! Pftp! Shall do again...

  3. Clive and I have been penpals for some years. He is a lovely correspondent, a good writer.

    “The Throne of Psyche” is not our first venture together. He did the cover/jacket for “Val/Orson” (2009), and you can see that one at It is a very striking book. Robert Freeman Wexler (designer and author) did the layout and design, with some requests from Clive. I asked for Clive, and the publisher (P. S. Publishing – Pete Crowther) looked at some samples and agreed. I am grateful that they commissioned work from him (and the piece now hangs in my house. I am a lucky woman!)

    I also have work in two books that are coming out in his honor in May for his 60th birthday retrospective, which will be an exhibit at the National Library of Wales in Aberstwyth. One will have a group of my poems (written just for him), and the other (from Lund Humphries) was supposed to have an essay but really it is a hodgepodge of fictional and semi-fictional responses to various paintings—and there’s a little storyish thing about the time when he left theatre and was a hermit at Tretwr Castle, before he went public as a painter.) So the retrospective should be a grand event and have two grand books as well. And I am going, too!

    Then we have some other covers/jackets in the works, including one that I think will be especially gorgeous. He is doing cover and three division pages for “The Foliate Head” (UK: Stanza Press.) Not sure of a date on that one as yet. The heads were originally done for a book on Henry Vaughan (I love Vaughan) from Old Stile Press in the UK, but it got scrapped—to my great benefit!

  4. Willow Fanning, I love your name. If I was an author of fiction instead of a painter, I think I might steal it for the plucky heroine of an adventure story. A woman named Willow bought my first painting, an act of heart-stopping faith that bolstered my then virtually non-existent confidence. Now, over twenty years later, she's lending it to the National Library of Wales for my 60th birthday retrospective of painting. But I digress.

    Marly, the video project sounds interesting. Shall you be posting it on The Palace?

  5. Willows are lucky women, it seems. But hah! I highly suspect that Willow Fanning is the nom de plume of a certain masculine Tree of my e-acquaintance... He is a tricksy sort of Tree.

    Yes, shall do it! I hope it will go everywhere it can.

  6. P. S. to Clive--posted that image on facebook and have gotten lots of comments. Everybody loves "Touched"!


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