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Monday, February 21, 2011

Moomintroll Midwinter

This week has had and continues to have entirely too much long-distance ferrying during snowstorms. I have seen great armies of snow devils, whirling snow spouts, too many gusty white-outs, snow wreaths, a snow rainbow near the sun, a wiggly set of back-and-forth tracks (up a small mountain or large hill--it felt like a mountain) that I made myself with my little Toyota, snowfalls, and other delightful machinations of the tiny cold stars of snow.

Illustration from Tove Jansson's Moomintroll Midwinter.


  1. Sounds intrepid and frightening, but the drawing is delightful, as is the description.
    We here, meanwhile, have had thunderstorms (!), a very rare occurrence in SoCal, accompanied by light snow in the foothills, just above my new house.

  2. We had lightning in the snow recently. That's always startling, isn't it? Like sunny rain. Weather paradox.

    My next drive is slated to be snowy but not so terribly gusty. My car had hard work to stay in one place. Rather like the White Queen in Alice.

  3. you be careful driving around in all that inclement weather!

  4. I dread it, actually. But one can't abandon children!

  5. I know. The school ought to be closed, but I guess if they did that, it might be closed the whole winter!

  6. We're actually on school break. Hence the camping trip... Just got home from a five-hour loop. And it only snowed for an hour. Better than Saturday.


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