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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Final jacket,The Throne of Psyche


Click on the image to see a big fat version of the dust jacket for The Throne of Psyche, my soon-to-be book of poems from Mercer University Press.

Repeat of some ordering information:

Options include your local independent bookseller or ordering direct from the publisher, Mercer University Press, a way of buying which gives them a generous return. If you're interested in owning the book, please consider supporting your bookseller or the press itself.

Pre-order discounts

If you are a book shopper who likes to go to or Amazon or Powell's or Borders or some other site rather than shop locally, links are now up with pre-order discounts. I have not investigated all of these, but at Amazon the paperback is discounted 32% and the hardcover 34%. Mill ship date is March 25th, so I imagine discounts will end within the next month.

Research ISBN numbers, prices etc.



  1. It looks as if most of this artwork image is being used - rather than the cropped version that is showing on Amazon. This is excellent.

  2. I know why the cropping was thought better, but it is lovely to see more, isn't it?

  3. Yep, that came out nice! Much better than the earlier version.


  4. Hi there, Robert! Thanks. Good words from a novelist and designer.

  5. Wow! Its so beautiful Marly. many congratulations to you

  6. Yes, it is pretty, isn't it?

    Looking at facebook responses from a pack of readers, novelists, poets, artists, and a composer, I see that there is agreement: people like this version better than the earlier one that cropped the picture. In fact, nobody mentioned liking the earlier one better.


    Design by Mary-Frances Burt and Jim Burt of...Burt & Burt.

    Jacket/cover painting by Clive Hicks-Jenkins.

  7. Thanks, Hannah--always enjoyable to bask in the glory of other people's work! Thanks to Clive Hicks-Jenkins and Burt & Burt!


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