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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Forthcoming: THALIAD

I have accepted an offer from Elizabeth Adams of Phoenicia Publishing in Montreal to publish Thaliad, my post-apocalyptic poem.

In the context of the poetry that is written and praised in our day, Thaliad is a strange creature. It is long. It is narrative. It is written in blank verse. Focused on characters who begin their story as children, the poem is epic in nature. It was written by someone who believes that the way forward is back through the tradition.

I'm grateful to Beth for asking about the poem and for caring so much about it. What a lovely Advent I am having (aside from the two-story indoor waterfall, that is, and why let a thing like that soak my spirits?) I now find myself in the unusual--for me, at least--position of having six books forthcoming.

A small portion of Thaliad (print and podcast) may be found at qarrtsiluni in the "journaling the apocalypse" issue:


  1. Black verse? Is that like black metal? I can hear the shredding guitars and "death grunt" lyrics already...

  2. Hannah,



    Hah! That was a lovely typo. Shall fix!

  3. P. S. to Dave: I'd say there are some death-grunt passages: with an Anglo-Saxon sort of swing (as in axe.)

  4. Congratulations, Marly!

  5. Why, thank you, Miss Zephyr. I just wish you'd waft a little warmth my way...

  6. More wonderful news Marly! I am so looking foward to reading this. I thought the other collection of poetry was this one, but apparently not. You are amazing. I can only muster two books in 57 years, and look at you! Indoor waterfalls and "black verse" notwithstanding, this is really a splendid outpouring of good fortune, well-earned.

  7. Robbi,

    Thanks for that sweet note! It is confusing, isn't it? First is "The Throne of Psyche." That's Mercer University Press and out in March. Then come "The Foliate Head" (Stanza Press) and "Thaliad" (Phoenicia.)

    Your ship will come, Robbi.

    Had a nice confab with Ben the insurance guy and so Mike is laughing because he says I always end up knowing too much about everybody...

  8. I also talk with everyone, but end up blabbing rather than gathering information about them. I am trying to change that this year.
    Let's hope that helps me gather more material I can write about, as you have.

  9. I don't this it works like that for me. I just like people. When I write, I like to make up my own people and stories and so on.

    Nevertheless, I think there's just a kind of richness in the mind that comes from paying attention. So I'd recommend it anyway.


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