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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

News to come, etc.

I'm going to have to make a bloggish sort of resolution (be chattier? can the dratted thing entirely? be as assiduous as I was once upon a time, like a hardworking Cinderella picking lentils out of the ashes?) for New Year's because I have been industrious (frequently silly, more like it!) on facebook and lazy about my blog.

But there are things I want to do--some little pieces about friends with new books, for example. I have had so many friends with new books this year, and I haven't done a thing for any of them, even though the climate out there for books is frigid. I have lots of friends who have had a hard time in publishing this year, so I want to celebrate the books that made it through to print.

And I keep thinking about my father's Army Air Corps flight log. He ran away from the Georgia cotton fields several times and joined the military at 17. I have his notes and many of the things associated with his time there, like a silk map of Europe and his flight training records. It would be interesting to transcribe his missions. Or perhaps I should make a little site just for him.

What to do, what to do . . .

In the meantime, I shall have two jolly announcements next week (one on Monday, one a bit later), so please hop back by to pop a few e-champagne corks, trala.
* * *
Credit: Adrienne Segur's Cinderella illustration; I loved my Segur fairy tale book when I was little, and it is one of the few things from childhood that I still own.


  1. That is a gorgeous illustration.

    the way I feel about my online activities is to have fun, sometimes its myspace, facebook, or blogger...this might sound cheesy but to everything there is a season. I know I have been missing your blog circle like Clare, Dorcet, DOnna, Chatoyance...sometimes I still wonder who left one of the anaon comments on my little interview thinking they may surface one day but enjoying the mystery.

    YOu should def do something with your fathers stuff. Lots of copies keep things safe.

  2. Yes, I do like Segur!

    And yes, you do have fun. I gave up MySpace. I was Virus Central.

    Mmm, I haven't kept up with the people in what you call my "blog circle" very well. I need a private secretary and a maid. Then I would have time.

    Maybe I'll transcribe them here and then later make a website. When my children are all grown!

  3. well it seems like you got it going on! just keep doing what your doing!

  4. Selfish as I am, Marly, I would love to have your wonderful blog entries to read on a more regular basis. I infrequently visit Facebook. I don't want to play those games there and find blogging more congenial to my monologue-ish spirit.

  5. Ah, facebook games! No, I don't have time for those. But the occasional word-bandying frolic is rather cheering while busy thrashing out work on deadline.

    I doubt I'll ever do as much blogging as I did once. I was much more energetic and even went through old posts and deleted less important ones and out-of-date bits as housecleaning. Frequency of posting is certainly the way to build and maintain a lot of give and take in comments, and that is pleasant, though of course most people who read don't comment--so most of the time one is talking to unknown readers.

    But now I am at the point of having about as much writing-related work as I can possibly manage, unless somebody sends me a maid and laundry-bot for Christmas! So blogging has to be less often. But I will try and do better.


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