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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Video of "The Exile's Track" from THE THRONE OF PSYCHE

The wonderful Paul Digby has made another video!

There are two easy ways to see it. One, click on the title link above to fly to a larger video box at youtube. Or wander into the right-hand panel and watch a smaller version on this page.

This time the subject is "The Exile's Track," also from The Throne of Psyche (Mercer University Press, April 2011.) Evidently the Southerner in me sometimes tires of cold and winter, wouldn't you say?

The picture of Paul is not by his wife, painter Lynn Digby, but by friend Mary S. Jones. For me, it captures some of Paul's sense of fun and pleasure in life. I pilfered it from Paul's profile pictures on facebook.

Pre-orders are almost over for The Throne of Psyche . . .


  1. Getting lots of fb comments on various people's pages on this one. Thanks for sharing, any who share here (blogspot, that is) or there or any elsewhere!

    And I thought that I would add something from a Paul-note. It says something about his thinking on the film part of the project:

    "Despite a 100 odd photos of snow on a lake and the park and the moon and sky ...

    I ended up using 1800 still shots of the sky through trees and turned them into a stop-motion movie.

    It just worked better. Less distracting. Crazy, eh?

    The sound is more important on this movie, I think. Both the reading and the music background?"

  2. Indeed, Marly!
    Every poem requires a different handling, and that is how it should be.
    Writing music to fit the pace and rhythm of this poem and your reading of it was intriguing to do. It's a great learning experience, and enormous fun too!

  3. It's great to see this creative match of visual elements in a video with the spoken poetry. It is read so beautifully!

    The best part of this video collaboration is that (unlike the music video genre)it's done subtly... and allows the spoken words to remain the focus.

  4. Hi Ruth--

    I can imagine that this one would appeal to you, being a grand painter of trees (cold, snowy trees!)

    Yes, he is careful about that, very thoughtful.

  5. Lovely! A nice balance of word, music and image! Another great collaboration, eh, Marly?

  6. Yes, trala for kindly souls who want to frolic with my words!


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