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Sunday, March 27, 2011

"A Fire in Ice" from THE THRONE OF PSYCHE

Thanks to anyone who views or chooses to share this video created by Paul Digby. Here is the youtube link, which gives a larger, sharper picture plus embedding code:

"A Fire in Ice" is a riposte to a poem by Billy Collins, "Taking off Emily Dickinson's Clothes."

THE THRONE OF PSYCHE shipped from the mill on Friday. It is now available for pre-order and will be shipping from Mercer University Press soon.


  1. I love that poem and love your delivery of it. Hypnotic too to watch the words scrolling, with the soft din of background noise. I didn't expect them to vanish again at the end, but that struck me as poetic, almost as though without the tether of your voice, they un-spooled themselves back into universal creation.

  2. Thank you, Clive. Yes, I liked that too and thought it softly threatening, in keeping with the idea of riposte.

  3. Wow, beautiful, and so nice on a rainy Sunday morning.

  4. Love the simplicity of this, Marly (and Paul) and it does have a bit of menace! It's a wonderful poem.

  5. Susanna, thanks!

    And Beth, more thanks!

    I'll be posting more soon.

  6. This was fun to make. Each poem is so very different and some have outlandishly strange treatments, but this one is so directly literary (in my mind), and so - the text.
    The words disappearing back simply represents one's sharp tongue retreating. (I JOKE!)
    Beautifully read, Marly.
    Mr Clive Hicks-Jenkins - your artwork is beautiful.

  7. Mr Paul Digby, I thank you. I enjoyed your film too.

  8. Clive and Paul, how sweet is a little mutual admiration in this sometimes-selfish world! And Paul, I think that it also works as a kind of obliteration and threat in keeping with the riposte... But I see exactly what you mean as well.

    So glad to be done with that night drive and be home drinking a mug of tea and saying "hello" to the world out there.

  9. Now in the comments of the Moving Poems link above, Paul answering questions about how he made the video!


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