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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Poetry month shenanigans and more


Dave Bonta will be doing a month of poetry reading--a book each day--for April, "poetry month." It's a good time to send him a book if you are a writer, and if you are a reader, he invites you to join in. Dave is one of the people I asked to participate in my upcoming series of posts on writing and publishing. (I have comments from four of the six writers I asked for comments, and am only waiting on the last two to begin.) He and Beth Adams are the founders of qarrtsiluni, that fascinating poetry 'zine, and Dave has moved from project to project, widening his presence on the internet. He'll talk about his kingdom on the internet here in the coming days.


For the many who have paused to read my post from a few days ago about Mike's hilarious and sad adventure in Vietnam, the update is that he is thrilled with the volunteer work he is doing. It is exciting; every day he sees cases that are dramatic and that simply don't appear in the states. Every day he has chances to help and to change lives. The sweetest thing about all this is that the Vietnamese doctors and patients are grateful that he and his cohorts have come, and that in turn he is grateful to them for the experience and all that he is learning and seeing--it feels like the very reason a blue collar boy worked so very hard to pass through college, grad school, medical school, and a neuromuscular fellowship. Evidently it is neurology heaven for a doctor from a rural academic hospital!


Read an April book for April poetry month?

Pre-order discounts are still on for one of the loveliest books in the universe (hardcover and paperback), and that includes all distant galaxies. Design house Burt & Burt's use of a painting from Clive Hicks-Jenkins is wondrous, from the jacket to the leaves that sift through the pages of the book, linking prefatory pages to division pages. The contents are said to be pretty good as well!

Available by pre-order at your local independent bookshop and elsewhere in the brick-and-mortal world and online. To find ISBN numbers and such, check the Amazon page here. To see a big, beautiful version of the jacket, click on the image above.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Marly. Is throne of Psyche truly going to be shiped in April? Amazon told me that ETA was May 5, I think.

  2. Shipped, that is. But maybe shiped, too.

  3. The mill ship date for books is March 25. So if the mill ships on the correct date, it should arrive at Mercer and stores and such...around April Fool's Day!
    Help! So yes, I think April is a definite.

    The Amazon is just covering her big bum. As well she should!

    "Shiped" sounds like a bad thing to happen to a book. I think I'll try and stick with shipping.

  4. Dave,
    Wish I had a book to send you. It is up to those judges who are reading it in the various places I send it to. No one so far has bitten either on my chapbook or my full manuscript.
    Shiped sounds like something involving a sharp blade.
    RE: Mike, it is so wonderful that he is enjoying his foray to Vietnam so much. It is true that one helps others as much for oneself as for those others, if not more.

  5. Robbi, some day!

    Yes, it is one of the magical aspects of doing good things.


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