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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness

I must be feeling a little jaded...


Japan, firefighters,
Libya, rebel fighters--
Spring inspiration.

Salamander, cold
On a stone that gathers moss...
All around, March fires.

Obama-san's spring:
What a social calendar!
Stance: "above-the-fray."**

*from The Huffington Post:
The president's bracket is fairly safe, with two 1-seeds and two 2-seeds advancing to the Final Four. The lowest seeded team in his Elite Eight is 3-seed Georgetown. Last year, Obama correctly picked North Carolina to win the tournament, and he provided commentary during the CBS broadcast of a Georgetown-Duke basketball game in January.

**As, from The Huffington Post, "Obama Executes Above-the-Fray Strategy On High-Profile Issues," etc.

The salamander was just for fun, and to have another bit of kigo and kireji. Nothing quite as inactive and droopy as a cold newt or salamander. The butterfly was a social butterfly, in honor of all politicians with booked-up dance cards, busy with visiting Blackhawks and so on while the world crumbles.

Photograph courtesy of and Rudy Tiben of Enschede, Netherlands: "The Pleiades Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides) butterfly at Emmen Zoo."

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