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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reminder: pre-order discounts ending soon

If you are a discount shopper and want to purchase The Throne of Psyche, know that pre-order prices for both the hardcover and paperback will be evaporating soon! Thanks for supporting my place in the world of books by reading here and by reading and purchasing my books.

Book information via amazon here.


  1. Marly, tomorrow I shall check with the shop manager at the National Library of Wales to find out whether they'll take the book ready for the Retrospective opening, bearing in mind that the image on the cover is a painting that will be in the exhibition. (After which it is to be crated and sent to its new home in the Netherlands.) Sorry that I haven't got around to this before now, but as you know, life here has been somewhat over busy. I'll let you know the outcome as soon as I hear. But whatever she says, you should bring some books with you, or have them sent ahead. (Books are so heavy in one's luggage!) Damian is trying to fix up a 'reading' that you and Andrea could appear at in Aberystwyth. Not a done deal yet, but we live in hope. And if this comes to pass, then you'll need some copies of 'The Throne of Psyche' to offer/hopefully sell.

    Of course 'The Book of Ystwyth: Six Poets on the Art of Clive Hicks-Jenkins' (Carolina Wren and Grey Mare Press... GREAT to have USA distribution with such a reputable poetry publisher) is going to be ready for May 7th. Copies will be on sale at a desk in the Library's Gregynog Gallery at the opening, and will thereafter be available from the Library shop.

    Whew! Is all this really happening? It feels like something someone has made up!

  2. Oooops! I meant Monday. I'll check with the Library on Monday.

  3. Clive,

    If that sort of thing happened here, the shop/venue would order. Is that not the way it would be done?

    I'd rather do it that way if possible. You won't believe how little I take when I go traveling!

  4. Oh yes. I guess so. Sorry. This publishing lark is all new to me. I'll look into it next week.

  5. You may get to like it! I mean, other than all the drudgery of layout and so forth (but it's like having a baby--you'll forget that part when you hold it in your hands!)


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