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Monday, March 28, 2011

"The Nesting Doll" from THE THRONE OF PSYCHE

Here is a link to a second video by Paul Digby. I did not embed because Blogger is sulking, alas. Paul has made images and music for "The Nesting Doll," first published in Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency and forthcoming in The Throne of Psyche from Mercer. Go to: Click on "The Nesting Doll." (Illustration courtesy of and curiousmoth.)


  1. While I appreciate Paul's skill in this second one, i'm afraid that i found these visuals distracting from the poem. But i love that you guys are collaborating this way. More, please!

  2. Paul thought that the poem was complicated enough to follow that I needed to add a link to the text. Sestinas just are complex to hear aloud--to follow the changing meanings of the end-words and the way they are bound tightly together in the end. So I did that last night and hope it helps.

    Oh, he has quite a few underway, more from THE THRONE OF PSYCHE and some from THE FOLIATE HEAD and even "The Birthday Roses" from "qarrtsiluni," which will one day be part of THE BOOK OF THE RED KING.

    Collaboration is lovely. So far I've mostly experienced collaboration with painters. So this with a composer and photographer is rather new to me.

  3. Oh, goodie.
    More treats to come.
    that's always good news.

  4. Oooh!! I loved it!! I love how the doll is a puppet here, and how it glows at the end like some kind of alien nesting doll.

  5. Hannah,

    Alien nesting doll! I am definitely going to have to show Paul that comment!


    Yes, I am very happy that he wants to do these. It is a great boon to me.

  6. Thank you, Hannah! I wondered if people would notice the glow!
    Zephyr is right, the visuals are distracting (and rather odd in a way) but I couldn't resist the naivety of approach here... it was just TOO tempting!
    I think I am now too close to this poem because I have read and heard it so many times. It reminds me of a (now) familiar Grimm's fairy tale!
    It's fun doing these, and Marly reads her work so beautifully!


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