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Saturday, March 26, 2011


The House of Words

The new series is getting lots of reads and some interesting comments. I can see that I definitely ought to do a "best of comments" post in the end. I am going to keep the series to Monday through Friday postings, so it will be back in a couple of days.

The Throne of Psyche

Hardcover and paperback books shipped from the mill to Mercer University Press on Friday, so they will be available at independent and chain bookshops and for order in the near future. That means pre-orders are about done, so if you are a pre-ordering discount (amazon or etc.) sort of person, you had better order soon (more accurately known as now, perhaps--I am unsure when such things stop.)

Videos for The Throne of Psyche (thank you, Paul Digby!)

Paul Digby, that saintly fellow, is finishing up a number of videos on poems from The Throne of Psyche. Music and photography by Himself. Thank you so much, Paul--I am glad you are a friend of Psyche.

Watch for links soon!

The Palace at 2:00 a.m.

I have added the most-popular-posts gadget, and that means that a list with clips can be found below the archives. Bemusing: qarrtsiluni is very, very popular, far more so that I realized. Not only does "16 Reasons" lead all posts, ever, but right now several other qarrtsiluni-related posts are in the top ten.

Moreover, two from the recent Advent/Christmas series are in the top ten as well; that is especially helpful to note because it suggests that one doesn't have to do a formal review to attract people--just an introduction to the person and an excerpt appears to please. Jeanne Larsen's book of poems makes the top ten, and as a fellow poet-novelist I find that encouraging. Makoto Fujimura is also interesting to people: not surprising, as Mako is a fascinating person. Now-librarian-historian-teacher Susan Leberman is also high on the list, a thing I find curious and rather wonderful, as she is full of pep and feels things deeply and wears wonderful hats. That she is not a champion speller only adds to the charm.

What I hadn't paid any attention to is the popularity of palace characters, particularly the Pot Boy, who has not made an appearance in a long time. He has several posts in the top ten. If anybody wishes to write him with requests for posts or with "Dear Pot Boy" questions in the realm of advice for the lovelorn or on in-laws, and other pesky difficulties, feel free. He has long fancied himself as a sort of castellated Dear Abby.

Marly on the road

Tomorrow I make the swoop to Bard College, returning three rambunctious and well-fed college women to their proper places at school.

Pax tecum, Diana

Late addition: There have been some tears around here for Diana Wynne Jones, our daughter's very favorite writer. We remembered her books and the marvelous blurb she gave me--so generous--and the time when my daughter sent her an illustration...


  1. I just find it really bizarre that I have hit your top ten list. I guess hats, pantaloons, and accordions are real crowd pleasers.

  2. Just that last sentence alone goes far to explain in!

  3. IT, people, IT!

    You know I did that because I made a little crack about your spelling right?

    So glad you have on a beautiful hat in your icon picture...

  4. lolz~~I was wondering when you were going to see that. My free flow form is infectious...beware!

  5. Hah, hah, Susanna! So long as it is infectious and yet as full of life as you are...

    Robbi is right--good comment.


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