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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I'm reading, etc.

Today, when I'm not fooling with taxes and other distasteful tasks, I am reading or writing. And what I am reading is A. G. Mojtabai's first book, Mundome. And sometimes listening to Far Away and Long Ago by W. H. Hudson, which I read as a child several times. And now and then reading a poem or two from Jennifer Reeser's new book, Sonnets from the Dark Lady and Other Poems. It's a strange but good combination.

Leave news of what you are reading! And if anybody has a brilliant thought on books for athletic boys of 14, leave that also, please.

Ten days until A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage appears. Pre-orders will be done in a day or so, as books have been shipped from the warehouse. Much to do.


  1. Not reading anything right now :(. I started training for that online position, and it is time-consuming and hard. But this is a good opportunity, so I keep plugging away.
    Also I'm finagling deals for selling my book, or trying to.
    A couple weeks ago I reread Possession, by Byatt, and I have another of her big fat novels I haven't read, ready to go. I will probably read that when I get a chance.

  2. Too busy these days for books, for which I find I need longer periods of quiet and concentration. A long list of must-reads are awaiting. How ever do you find the time? You must have commendable time management skills, Marly.

  3. Robbi, good luck with that! I've been too busy to read much but found I was aching to toss in some words.

    Marja-Leena, I wish! I'm always longing to get more done, and to be quicker with things like paperwork and house-drudgery and laundry.


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