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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tribulation Tuesday

Alas, I shall spend the day on thorny financial documents (the sort of thing one does at this time of the year.)  Picture me with hair on end, the tips smoldering, eyes crossed, my mouth moving with faint cries of anguish.

and JOY
Snow's melting. Grackles are marching around the back porch, occasionally stabbing at Susquehanna's dogfood. Aconites are face up and snowdrops are bowing down. The sky has some lovely passages of blue. I never trust that we won't get a gigantic snow until after March 25th, but it's looking good for spring!

and PLAY
So please scroll down and check out links to pieces of the A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage launch interview--some interesting people have asked to participate, and more questions will be up soon. Old-fashioned word of mouth is golden, online or off. (If you are a blogger and want to play, write me at smaragdineknot [at] gmail [dot] com.) The book will be out on the 30th, so the pre-pub order period is nearly over, as books tend to arrive before the date set.


  1. Marly, am I being dense or is there another way to get a copy than through US Amazon? It's one and a half times the cost of the book in postage for me to buy it there; I don't want to be tight but that seems rather a lot...

  2. Lucy,

    I do see it on both and (it allows one "Ajouter au panier" at, so I presume it will be available.) Both places list it as not available now, perhaps because it's not out yet? It really should say "pre-order" on each, though.

    Otherwise I don't particularly know, save by ordering through a big English-language bookshop like the W. H. Smith store in Paris.

    However, I imagine that we can work something out.

    And for now I will contact the sales department and ask them what is the best way to purchase from France. So they'll get the message on Monday.

  3. Just wrote them and will write you back when I hear. If there is no clear and easy way, we'll finagle something. No, don't pay astronomical postage.

  4. On the US site, it is $7.85. off while the pre-order last, if that's a help. Not sure which Amazon you were perusing...

  5. Posted about this issue on March 18!


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