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Monday, March 26, 2012

So far: interviews

Though official pub date is Friday, books have arrived
and both hardcover and ebook are available
at the usual online outlets and bookstores.

Interviews to date
The most recent one is Susanna Leberman's post from yesterday.

Part one at Beth Adams (Phoenicia Publishing), The Cassandra Pages (setting and research); part two at Beth Adams (Phoenicia Publishing), The Cassandra Pages (uniqueness, advance, challenge)

At Dale Favier's Mole (origin stories and the Depression)

At Vicki Johnson's The Garden (time and modes of working)

At Rebecca Kuder (orphans and a link to "The Horse Angel")

At Susanna Leberman's Shedding the Inner Dialogue (on history and research)

At Marja-Leena Rathje, on printworks and other passions (the name of the orphanage)

At Hannah Stephenson's The Storialist (the feel of writing in different modes)


  1. I'm coming! I just have to get work done and then will relook at what we've got.
    I've enjoyed the interviews I've read so far and will look at the others, too, soon!

  2. No worry--I didn't put that up to bother you, honest!


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