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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Brontë Sisters as publishing power-dolls!

In taking a small vacation from various and sundry hideous financial documents that I must peruse and fill out, I found this. No doubt (for your own weird or stressed reasons) you need a zany culture-mocking break as much as I did. So here you go:


  1. I feel like an Egyptian mummy with a hook up its nose to stir the brains around--I am sick of numbers! (Or don't they think that's how the brains ran out these days? I'll have to ask an Egyptologist.)

  2. Marly Mummy! I may have to make a 'Power Doll' of that character, complete with bandages and embalming kit! Tee hee.

    Sorry that the dreaded forms are addling your brain, that would be so much better employed writing something that we'd all want to read. Courage mon brave!

  3. Robbi,

    Did I say that I hate finance paperwork?

  4. Yes, courage! Only a few more days, and then I shall have some time for what I like!

    I shall be a Power Doll all day and bruise through all this malarkey!


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