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Friday, March 16, 2012

Riding the rails with Pip Tattnall, part 4

Writer Rebecca Kuder has posted another section of my one-and-many interview in celebration of the launch of A Death at the White Camellia OrphanageRebecca has finished a novel, The Watery Girl, and is now at work on  The Eight Mile Suspended Carnival. She is an interesting woman with a colorful background in theatre. Today she writes, teaches, and makes Sanity Creek Sock Monkeys. ("Make monkeys, not war!") She's also a mother and married to writer Rober Freeman Wexler, who did the book design for my novel Val/Orson and blogs at Laconic Writer. Many thanks to her.

Elsewhere, books have arrived at Mercer University Press warehouses, and are said to be beautiful. Evidently the seal in the final version is gold, but otherwise just like the image here.

Comments are off. If you wish to leave a comment, please leave on Rebecca's blog! UPDATE: I've had a batch of people say they couldn't post on her Wordpress site with the email address they used. You might try using an alternate one, as that seems to work--at least it worked for me on another Wordpress site today. And if anybody else wants to participate in the launch interview, please write me at smaragdineknot [at] gmail [dot] com.

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