Just out: The Book of the Red King, a collection of poems about the mysterious Red King, the lunar Precious Wentletrap, and the transforming Fool (Phoenicia Publishing.) Illuminated by Clive-Hicks-Jenkins. "A must-read and a distinctive, evocative voice. There is no one like Marly Youmans" -Kim Bridgford. Please check out the link above for news, review clips, and more!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Clive gets devilish in D. C.

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If you haven't been following Clive Hicks-Jenkins and his progress on The Soldier's Tale, you might pop over to the Artlog--choose L'Histoire du Soldat from the Topics menu, and you can see a quick evolution. In addition, if you choose Collaborations with Poets, you can take a look at his work on The Foliate Head and see how the title page above came out of his foliate heads.

Prince William Symphony Players
De'Andre Anderson, narrator / David Montgomery, conductor.
World Premiere showing of The Soldier's Tale 
Images by Welsh artist, Clive Hicks-Jenkins.
1920 G Street NWWashingtonD.C. Free Concert and Reception.

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