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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ordering "White Camellia Orphanage" in Europe

Ordering A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage elsewhere

The information below is especially for Lucy Kempton of the lovely Box Elder, who asked about ordering from France. As I have friends in other spots in Europe, I thought that I would go ahead and post, although evidently the publisher will send me more information about online chains in Europe like and so on. I'll add anything else that's helpful in the comments. Thanks to Mary Beth at Mercer for answering me on a Sunday! (I should also note that as the book is still in pre-order for a few more days, almost $8. off may help with shipping from,, and any other place with pre-order discount.)

Eurospan (via Mary Beth)

Our European distributor is Eurospan, based in London.  They are now handling our books for all of Europe and Asia and other lands not American.  A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage is listed on their website, but the price is not showing as of today.  Please note that when Eurospan orders from us, we ship to an expediter in the US who then ships on to London, so it may take several days to arrive in their warehouse.

You might remind your readers that A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage is also available as an e-book, which would certainly cut down on the high shipping cost. The e-book version will be available once we actually “release” the physical book this week.  The ISBN for your e-book is 9780881463644.

Eurospan (via Barbara Keene)

The international options for the purchase of your book by individual customers are Eurospan Bookstore or (through the individual country websites – , etc.)  The printed book will be available through both websites.  And the Kindle edition just though Amazon.

Eurospan is also our international sales rep and promotes our books to bookstores and libraries worldwide through sales calls, catalogs, and email promotions.


  1. OH!
    I can order the e-book for my son!
    My son travels through life lightly. An e-book for him is just the ticket.


  2. Paul,

    So glad you inflict my books on so many relations! XD

  3. Thanks ever so Marly. In fact I'd be happy to have it as an e-book, now I know it'll be available as such, I've got very fond of my Kindle, so small and neat, for novels anyway, not for poems, and I have to order for that through American Amazon. You don't lose out that way though, do you?

  4. Lucy, having you read my book can only be a "win!"

    I'm very glad you asked how to obtain it...


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