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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite Eve words--

Clive Hicks-Jenkins, art from Thaliad

Thank you to novelist Scott G. F. Bailey--I'm going to have to drink another glass of champagne after reading his 2013 reading list on Six Words for a Hat.
The living author who I'm most pleased to have discovered this year is Marly Youmans, who wrote Thaliad and A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage. I'm looking forward to reading more from young Ms Youmans. She has an impressive catalogue.
Of course, he was a terrible liar on the "young" part, but we'll assume he's as honest as can be elsewhere, right? Isn't that lovely? And now, back to champagne and tapas...

Merry 7th day of Christmas and Happy New Year's Eve!

* * * 

Small Bites Menu 
 Tapanade with french bread
 Goat cheese gratin with thai pepper paste and marmalade glaze 
 Mini crab cakes with lemon aoli 
Pizza with water buffalo cheese, wild boar sausage and olives 
Carapaccio with horseradish cream 
 Butternut squash/potato and onion latkes with caviar 
 Grilled duck breast with truffle paste on baguette 
 Lava cakes and raspberries 
And proper amounts of champagne!

We didn't accept any invitations, as my husband is on call. Instead the four in residence have been drinking champagne and eating tapas, all except child no. 3, who had filet mignon to celebrate the day. He was eating some of the pizza until he heard rumors of water buffalo.

And so I am replete, you hear, crammed like Santa on Thanksgiving, glutted like a teenager's closet, gorged like a laundry bag in a dorm room--how dare you bring me thin strips of duck breast? And what do you mean by these intimations of dessert?

Resolution: lie by the fire and recover from blimpdom of New Year's Eve.

Added for Robbi: a few of Michael's prior New Year's Eve meals for guests.... Wish I had always thought to post them! The link is to a compendium of posts, so you'll see this post at the top--scroll down!


  1. You are too young to appreciate such delicious things, Marly.

    I do not think your husband is bringing you up properly, but there you go.

    Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!

  2. Hello, oh-most-marvelous Mr. Digby!

    Yes, I fear he is spoiling me, at least when it comes to kitchen antics... He has twitter-facebook fame in cooking frolics! Though is not on either...

    A very happy New Year to you and Lynn and your children around the world!

  3. If that's what he does when he is on call, for just the family, what does he do for a proper dinner party??? Scary!

  4. New Year's has always been a big deal, Mikewise--some of those 8-course meals have been spectacular!

  5. The one you detail certainly is!!!
    But sadly, the link just takes me back to this same post.

  6. Scroll down, Robbi--it is a chain of posts on New Year's Eve dining festivities...


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