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Friday, December 06, 2013

Catherwood, again...

Photograph by Paul Digby: seedhead of a hearts a-bustin',
taken on my mother's mountaintop in Cullowhee, NC, August 2013.
So glad that Sienna Latham followed me on twitter today and left me a link to her lovely, long review of Catherwood.  One of the magic things about the internet is that a mid-list book once considered out of print and "done" keeps getting attention, almost twenty years after first publication (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1996.)

Another thing is that authors can put books back into circulation through ebooks. But what I'm most pleased about is that Catherwood is coming back as a paperback from Mercer University Press. When a book comes back out of print because a publisher wants the reprint, it's always a good sign.

Currently in print are A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage, Thaliad, The Foliate Head, and The Throne of Psyche (see tabs above.) Forthcoming are Glimmerglass and Maze of Blood. Perhaps I'll do an in-print post since it's that book-nabbing time of year . . .


  1. I have posted a comment and a mea culpa at Goodreads. And I have ordered my copy of the book. I am looking forward to it.

  2. The copy I have of Catherwood is so old, and has tattered edges and is second hand, etc.
    Marly - I am completely thrilled to know that this is being reprinted.
    I mean, thoroughly warmed by the thought!
    Thank you for posting this image taken at your mother's lovely home garden too. That was a day I'll not forget. So much fun!

    I just wait for the inevitable movie (if the world is right).

  3. Thank you, R. T., and now I know more of your name... Shan't say in case it is secret.

    Paul, I am sure it will be handsome and have that lovely new book smell!

    Yes, that was a lovely day. So wonderful to meet a tangible you and Lynn, though the e-versions were already quite nice!

    You know, my agent had seven queries about movie rights on that one, and we did sell them to a then-very-young Stacey Title and actor Jonathan Penner, way back when. Alas, they couldn't raise enough money.

    But I am quite happy for books to be books...

  4. p. s. The world is very not-right!

  5. Well, the name is no secret. The initials RT are a convenient shorthand. Were I worried about privacy and secrecy, I would not be involved in Blogging. Conspiracy theorists have warned me about anything associated with Google. But my compulsion to commit my thoughts to e-paper overrides my caution and paranoia. If Google and the NSA want to eavesdrop, good for them.

  6. Yes, they'll find some book-light if they do!

    And now off I go to tote a boy to wrestling... if I can wake him.

  7. This is such good news Marly. Things are not altogether awry in the world if such things as this can happen.

  8. Robbie: It is good. I am glad.

    And did you see the note about raccoons? I shall not fall! Not that you're the only one... My facebook friends seem positively rabid!


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