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Friday, December 20, 2013

peek at Glimmerglass

Clive Hicks-Jenkins, jacket-in-progress detail,  Glimmerglass (Mercer, 2014)


  1. Wow. Just.... Wow.

    You have the most stunningly beautiful book covers in the known universe (and possibly beyond), thanks to Clive Hicks-Jenkins, and to your good judgment in having selected him to design and create them.

  2. Hi DZ--

    Got up at 4:45 (what we do for sports-mad children!) and am addled but still can see your sterling wisdom! Thank you. It's really a tribute to the mysteries of friendship,penpals, and kindred spirits.

    I have a good many artist friends, but somehow this friendship pointed inexorably toward collaboration! It just happened, rather than being chosen in any way--more like a plant growing up.

    Thank you for the lovely compliment to Clive, which I am sure he will like!

  3. p. s. On the facebook thread, the director of the press said September 1, 2014 would be a safe guess for pub date... I add it here because I always forget such things, dates not being safe in my brain!

  4. It is gorgeous! And your collaboration was the inspiration for the book of ekphrastic poems I subsequently wrote. When it is done, I wonder if he would be interested in looking at it?


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