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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Friends with Etsy shops, 1

As I have a number of friends with Etsy shops, and many people are shopping for Christmas gifts, I have decided to do a few posts featuring Etsy. Here is the first.

Rustic Beaded Earrings - Cthulhu Earrings
Bead and metal assemblage, millefiori 
polymer clay, vintage black lace scraps, 
and oxidized Hoops

Richelle Hawks at Shipwreck Dandy for one-of-a-kind necklaces and earrings
Current coupon: 20% off, with code SHOPEARLY. Apply when prompted at checkout.

Shipwreck Dandy also has a blog here.

Aspens near Hjalmsstaoaa (pastel)

Beth Adams at Studio Cassandra for affordable prints, watercolors, pastels, paintings...
Half the work is currently on a special sale.

Elizabeth Adams is also the publisher of Phoenicia Publishing, where you can find beautiful books (including a book of mine) and music:

From now until December 16, paperback editions of all our full-length poetry books will be on sale for the price of $12.00 rather than the usual $13.95. Hardback editions of Thaliad and Ancient Lights are also offered at $23.00 instead of $26. The sale price will be applied when you visit the e-store, or any site; for customers in the UK or Europe, the sale prices have been converted to local currency.

Titles included are:
Thaliad : paper and hardcover
70 Faces: Torah Poems
Angels & Beasts
Ancient Lights : paper and hardcover
Mercy Island
Brilliant Coroners

Beth is also a professional artist, graphic designer, and writer, and she blogs at The Cassandra Pages, where she writes about the process of making art, travel, Montreal and upstate New York, writing, and more.

Grainne and Diarmuid print with Celtic interlace.
Shirl Sazinski at The Art of Shirl Sazinski.
$10 prints and bookmark sets for Christmas...

Shirl Sazinski is a young illustrator and writer working with mythological subjects, particularly Norse, Celtic, and Greek legends. She studied screenwriting and film at SCAD and Hollins, and she opened up shop at Etsy this year. You can find more about her at her website.


  1. I must live in a cave. The word "Etsy" is new to me. Egads! It is tough being out of step with the rest of the world.

  2. Evidently so!

    Just kidding, but Etsy is where a lot of my real life and e-friends post some work, so I like to wave people down and point now and then, especially in the big shopping season.

  3. Wonderful of you to promote your artist friends, Marly! These are great.

  4. I do have a lot of artist friends, but most of them are just in galleries. But I have a few Etsy shops among my friends and acquaintances...

  5. Marly, good for you for highlighting these artists and artisans. One of my part-time jobs is promoting the work of artists (from printmakers to sculptors) at a local art center, and I'm finding that there's more wonderful hand-made stuff being created than there are people who know to look for it. It's a change that occurs so slowly, one gift-buyer at a time.

  6. Oh, that's a good thing to do!

    Yes, Shirl mentioned that she just made a couple of sales, so... as they say, every little bit helps. Just a little though, I fear.

  7. p. s. Reading your book again yesterday!


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