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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Here's a bit of youtube snow and Frost from Eric Whitacre
for friends with unexpected snow and ice...

Thanks to critic and reviewer Micah Mattix for including a link to my sonnet "Waterborne" in his Prufrock newsletter (sign up!) yesterday. Here's the poem in Alexander Pepple's Able Muse. The poem is also forthcoming in an anthology edited by poet Mary Meriam.

Please note that today there are two posts--slip on down to the next post to see links to facebook friends with Etsy shops and new books. (And one more to Melanie at Antiphon, and then on and on!)


  1. What an interesting sonnet! I see too few poets exercising their sonnet-writing skills as well as you have done. Thanks for sharing the link. And I have taken your advice: I've signed up for Prufrock. With that name and pedigree--aesthetically and ideologically--I could not resist.

  2. Lovely. I generally do not read this daily journal, but I shall from now on.

  3. R. T.,

    Thanks very much... It was one of those pleasant sluicelike ones, and though I see imperfections, I prefer them to all the revisions I tried. Better flawed and muscular than too tidy.


    Thanks. I think you find interesting things in it--different slant, different criteria for choosing than things like aldaily and artsjournal, though there is some overlap. Micah Mattix is an interesting critic...


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