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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Friends with Etsy shops and new books, 2

Thanks to pre-Christmas events (last night meant four very interesting hours given over to practicing and then singing for an ordination, and the calendar of events is packed, it seems), I'm falling a bit behind on promises to share some of my facebook friends who have new books and Etsy shops, so I'm just going to pop a few selections from facebook lists in here... I'll take out the more private comments and leave information and links. Several of these Etsy shops are for relatives (a mother, a daughter) of a writer friend.

If you're looking for something more like my usual posts, slide down to the prior one. But if you're looking to shop, here are some links where you can directly support individual craftspeople, artists, and writers--enjoy!


  1. Thanks Marly! I should note that my chapbook follows a sequence of Iyengar Yoga Poses--the Emotional Stability Sequence--with a 14 line poem and a drawing for each. The poems describe the pose; the drawings show it, for the benefit of those poetry devotees who have never done yoga and are not familiar with the poses' Sanskrit names.

  2. Too bad that my other two books coming out this coming year aren't available yet.
    A Likely Story will be published this summer by Moon Tide Press and The Liberal Media Made Me Do It! is an anthology I edited composed of poems inspired by NPR stories and shows. It sports a lovely set of front and back covers by Mary Bullington, whose wonderful paintings and drawings belong among holiday choices, though she doesn't have an Etsy shop.

  3. The anthology will be published this spring by Nine Toes Press.

  4. Robbi,

    Thanks for the added info! All very interesting...

    Yes, I think Mary is a bit pricey for an Etsy shop, and her little things that she does around the holidays all get snapped up at her open house. But her work is really a bargain still. Some day she'll be impossible for little people to buy!


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