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Saturday, March 09, 2013

THALIAD art news

Clive's studio.
News for early Thaliad buyers: Clive Hicks-Jenkins has finished the bookplates for first purchasers, and they are now drying in his studio! So you may expect arrival within the next few weeks. They will have to be packaged, of course, and travel here and there... I will be mailing all the U. S. orders. Not sure how I will do that exactly--must get some little envelopes and cardboard, I suppose.

If you're not in that group and want a copy, go here to say the various ways to buy a hardcover or paperback Thaliad, which even without a bookplate is a splendiferous collaboration between poet, artist, and book designer Elizabeth Adams. The book is available internationally through the publisher, mail order venues, and bookstores (via Ingram or by Amazon's special bookstore service.) Hardcovers are only available through Phoenicia (limited editions, so they won't be around forever.)

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