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Monday, March 18, 2013

Lady, lunar, etcetera--

The Lady has visitors

Lady Word of Mouth progresses... Glad to say we are getting lots and lots of visitors on the first post to feature a writer's new books. Please take a look, as it's meant for readers or writers, and if you are here you must be one or the other or both at once. (If not, you are a Spam Bot and will be eaten by roaming Balrogs.) I am contemplating Lady Word of Mouth as a twice-weekly activity but am still unsure about many things.

Lunar book madness

I've agreed to judge another contest. You'd think that being on an NBA panel last year and reading 316 books (plus the rereads) would have done me for life, but evidently not. I must have looked at the moon over my left shoulder some time in the past month. This one will be a poetry contest, and I'll only judge the finalists, so I'll only see a few books. More about that later.

What I am writing

A number of people have written to ask what I am doing at this juncture. I'm a bit stretched right now with a very active teen at home (ferrying, sports, etc.) plus my adult children returning to the nest for a year. After they fly, I'll start a new novel. At the moment I'm writing a poem (or sometimes more) each day. All day I'm fishing for poems while drudging or gather taxes or helping children, etc. I do have some prose work to revise, if I ever get the time--if unexpected minions rush in and relieve me of all drudgery! As I am dubious that minions will appear, that's all the writing I'm doing at the moment. Fiction in fall, I imagine.

Elsewhere, in related work

I am trying to help my 2012 books--the wild adventure of Thaliad, the novel A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage, and the collection A Foliate Head. All three are from small press or university presses, and I am finding it somewhat a challenge to get the world out about so much at once. I'll be doing more events later in the year but right now am more dependent on the internet and word of mouth. Here's one of the innumerable how-to-be-a-book-minion lists available on the web for those of you who like assisting Lady Word of Mouth.

I like transformation...

“And the walls became the world all around.”
        ― Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are


  1. Lady Word of Mouth is a great idea (and also a wonderful phrase).

    My copy of Thaliad arrived on Friday. It's a beautiful book. My "to read" stack is a mile high so I've only read the first chapter, Emma's invocation of the muse, and it was lovely and ancient and new in all the right ways so I can't wait to read the whole thing.

  2. Scott,

    Thank you! Glad you like it. And the name. I hope it works out to be a good thing for people (and not a hideous amount of work either! Ack.)

    Glad you have had a taste of the book and hope you like the rest of it as well... It is wonderfully pretty, isn't it? I had so much fun collaborating with Clive and Beth.


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