Sunday, March 03, 2013


Clive Hicks-Jenkins, maker of the gorgeous interior and exterior art for Thaliad and The Foliate Head, has a lovely new entry at Wikipedia. I have a guess at the writer (definitely not implying Clive!), and must say that he did an excellent job. A lot of Wikipedia articles about writers are "bitty" or else strike one as written over too much time by a committee. When I last looked at mine, my fingers itched to change some things and to get rid of others, and to combine pieces into a bigger whole. But Clive's is a great compact introduction to the multi-faceted man. Enjoy.


  1. Ah, wow, you are both famous now!!

  2. Hah, hah! Clive was already famous, I am sure...

  3. Thanks to the anonymous wiki-writer from across the sea, who also added to mine in response to my post!


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