Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rabbit with a pocket watch--

Tenniel's White Rabbit
It's barely Maundy Thursday, the taxes are not complete, sleep is needed, and there's a heck of a lot of choral singing lined up for the next four days. I feel like a panicky soprano White Rabbit headed for an appointment with the Duchess. I must say that though I resisted being part of a choir at first, I have learned a great deal about music and added a new gallery to the chambers inside my head.

Despite the fact that the snow is still deep around town, the afternoon sun burning on the front of the house has warmed the beds and revealed snowdrops and aconites. Little shivering souls, my heart goes out to you. You are so desperately sweet and brave. I hope it is your time to drink in the sunshine, although it may be time to be covered in another white blanket.

In important No'then news, I saw two titmice perched in the broken lilac, looking adorably as though it might be time for spring.  Juncos and cardinals and mourning doves and the ever-enduring sparrows pecked at the snow for dropped seed. Lovely.

Illo from Clive Hicks-Jenkins
In personal news, I heard six bubbly-sounding words from my husband and two from my youngest, coming from deep inside that giant rabbit hole of the Grand Canyon. So that's good. Bit small, but good. I am guessing that they'll finish the rim-to-rim climb late tomorrow and be back on top of the world after four days in the canyon.

Also, "An Incident at Agate Beach" appeared on one of the 10 Awesome lists yesterday. (Timely, as it will be online soon, in its fourth anthology publication, first online publication.) Thanks for fb-tagging, Jeff Ford!
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  1. A new gallery in the chambers inside your head? Delightful phrase! Wishing you springlike days, happy singing and a well-behaved Easter bunny!

    Spring has been wonderfully warm and sunny here this week and we're hoping it will last over the weekend.

  2. It did not snow during the night, and it heading toward 30 when I woke. Rain and snow on the forecast for today. You know winter has been bitter when I bother to look up the forecast!

    Lots of honey and lemon and tea coming up...

  3. i have very mixed feelings and can't decide how i feel about the fact that we can receive cell phone calls from the bottom of the canyon...but i'm glad you connected.

    8 years ago (i think it was) i went west to view an unusual wildflower spring in the desert and on one very long day we drove several hours over dirt roads to the edge where the canyon is deepest. we passed one other vehicle. i could not bring myself to sit closer than 6-8 feet from the edge. swallows zipped past our ears and hawks ascended on thermals from the depths to our eye level.

    there are no paths to the bottom in that portion. no asphalt or concrete anything. there are no guard rails, no fences no warning signs--but a very nice picnic table and the newest, cleanest cedar "out house" i've ever seen/used in a national park.

    the black, ancient lava flow aprons from nearby mountains down to the river were massive. and mountain goats skipped along vertical walls. it is an astonishing landscape. i had no desire to use my camera.

  4. I haven't been in many years, but the place certainly makes a home in memory. That's a lovely description, and I know exactly what you mean about pictures. It's a bit beyond all that.

  5. It's been many years since I camped in Grand Canyon... well, not IN the canyon, but in the park. We never took Jeremy there. I don't think we ever went camping with him, afraid he would flee from the tent at night and be consumed by a bear.
    I hope spring perseveres and that it is soon properly spring for you, belatedly though it will be.
    It is springy here, of course. In fact most of the trees have already long since bloomed and greened up.
    And strawberries are in season.

  6. O, for in-season strawberries! I wish...


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