Monday, March 25, 2013

"Death and taxes," or, The problem with cats--

photo by Rebecca Beatrice Miller
The house at 5:00 a.m.: it's finally a day when I can sleep late. I am sleeping dreamlessly, not remembering my name or face or that my husband and youngest are hiking into the Grand Canyon today. Then Theodora the beauteous (but like many beautiful, long-haired creatures, sometimes grumpy) calico decides it is surely the right time to wake . . . and chase her tail. To go all merry-go-round on the end of my bed, mind you.

So I wake and immediately remember taxes. This is slightly better than remembering death, but I manage to be like Woody Allen and think about that too, having a list of things To Do that must be done, sooner or later. Much later for the latter, please. Taxes today.

The cat, all silky and purring as though the queen of innocence (rather than the queen of hairballs and enormous white whiskers and sproinging! eyebrows) jumps down and sharpens her jaw on the corner of the dresser. She comes back and snuggles, purring so loudly that the dead just may waken. She has done her work, and believes the world is in the very finest fettle.

I lie there in semi-comatose state listening to her purr until it occurs to me that I may as well put up the next Lady Word of Mouth post, which is late because one of my gmail addresses is evaporating the incoming mail. (Why? What should I do? Get a new one?)

And so here it is, this time an announcement of a recent novel, Tiffany Trent's The Unnaturalists. Lady Word of Mouth is calling our names.

* * *

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  1. Steampunk! This sounds interesting. A 'science-worshipping New London'.
    I am intrigued...

    Find yourself some nice person who doesn't charge an arm and a leg to do your taxes! I bet they are complicated. School, college, the lot!
    We did. She finds all manner or tax breaks and returns for us that we never even thought of, Marly. They easily pay her way!

  2. You don't need to worry too much about Death (even at 5am) if you have a cat with a Resurrection Purr. So that just leaves the taxes. Maybe you have another cat that is a tax attorney?

  3. Paul,

    I do have a tax man because ours are impossible. But I gather and collate and add up sub-amounts for different things. It still takes forever.


    The other cat is a blue Persian given to us because it had a heart defect and wouldn't live long. She is still alive, years later, and still hops out of the pan to do serious business beside it. If she did my taxes, we'd have to be audited!

  4. We had a blue cat (recently deceased). He also had a heart murmur and trouble with litter boxes. A color fault?

  5. They do have a lot of drawbacks. Bad teeth. Heart murmur. Can't clean themselves and have to be bathed. Get felted up like moving hats.

    This one is not very smart but her heart is full of love.


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