Saturday, March 02, 2013

New-fallen stars

Up at five

to make breakfast and see somebody off to a meeting... The chickens have scattered to Bard and New York, Binghamton, and a sleepover. Strange to have only two people in the house. At five the world was wonderfully blue and virginal, with snow and hush and stillness all around. Lovely heavy dusting of stars over roofs and walks and perfecting the whiteness of the snow on earth and trees.

Now here I am (or shall be, shortly) practicing Mozart's Ave Verum with Leonard Bernstein conducting but not scolding me if I sound sleepy: O, you magic of the internet! And I shall read something wonderful (what? maybe more in my Poems from Asia) and fool with my own poems before I wander out the door.


In the realm of internet not-magic, I managed to delete my list of people who wanted a newsletter (clever girl!) If you want to be on the list and haven't already sent me a note via twitter DM or facebook messaging, please let me know. I'm thinking each (occasional) newsletter will come with a story or poem, new or reprint. Not sure what it will be, though different from what I do here. Leave a note, or you can also drop me a line via smaragdineknot [at] gmail [dom] com.

Elsewhere: excerpts from 2012 books (A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage, Thaliad, The Foliate Head) at ScribdThaliad at Phoenicia Publishing. See page tabs above for more.

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