Friday, March 15, 2013

the great Lady

Here's an experiment--Lady Word of Mouth--that I shall continue if people like it, or drop if it does not seem to work. It started with a facebook post asking friends to post information about new books, and that seemed interesting to writers and also to readers.

Right now there's an explanatory post and another that copies that original facebook thread.

I'd like to help friends with new books more and not sit around waiting for "somebody" to do "something." I'd like to be a somebody who does something, and although I don't have reams of time to donate to the cause (having three children at home, my own writing, many commitments--the usual!), I could do this.

If the site functions as intended, it will have posts about new books with links, and jackets will appear in the sidebar. It can work as a place to collect review clips, jacket images, summary information, and so on--a place that has an independent life from the author's sites, that adds to information on the web, and that draws readers to a central spot.

If it does not, well, it'll be another one of those little internet experiments that sprang up, flourished for an instant and then vanished--something ventured, and little lost.


  1. only new books?

    oh dear--now will have to prove I'm human--and to a robot.

  2. New, newish, and forthcoming, I think. Meant to be helpful to people who are trying to share their new books.

  3. Mary B., we are so glad you have proved yourself Not Robot. :)

  4. That's really generous of you, Marly, especially with how full your days and nights are! Had a peek and it looks cool, plus I was pleasanly surprised to see an image of mine jump out at me - the cover photo of Ren Powell's Mercy Island.

  5. Oh, yes, of course that was yours! I have a copy, too... and it made a lovely cover. And is definitely in your beloved color range.

    I don't know that I deserve to be called generous--I might just be annoyed at the way things work or don't work!


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