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Sunday, April 01, 2012

The April Fool, voiceless

I loved The Anesthesia Book Club! No fooling! They cooked up a wonderful Greek dinner. And they were smart and fun-loving and read that great big (well, for a volume of poetry) book, The Throne of Psyche, and had wonderful requests and questions. Got home by pumpkin hour, though I now have laryngitis from the odd little bug that's going around the village. So it's Palm Sunday without cheers and April Fool's without audible tricks.

Update: I took a look at Scribd, where the number of "reads" for the first chapter of A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage is listed as 582. Not bad for a couple of days--thank you to all who visited. If you have not, I hope you will!


  1. I'm glad Marly! Maybe you have found your niche and should join the sleepy group at Anesthesia book club. How on earth did they acquire that name?

  2. They are all part of the anesthesia department at Bassett Hospital or else have married into it. They didn't actually have a name, but that's what I call them. But it's a very bright, entertaining group of people.

    They've been going for four years and have done many interesting things--read "The Tempest" and had a professor from Albany come and talk, went to a a one-man show and had the actor come talk, and have of course read plenty of books and eaten plenty of good food. They are ingenious!

    People who like books generally can cook. Maybe that's because they like cookbooks...

  3. Some people who like cookbooks can't cook though.

  4. True enough. Luckily these could! And had consulted with people from Greece to boot.


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