Just out: The Book of the Red King, a collection of poems about the mysterious Red King, the lunar Precious Wentletrap, and the transforming Fool (Phoenicia Publishing.) Illuminated by Clive-Hicks-Jenkins. "A must-read and a distinctive, evocative voice. There is no one like Marly Youmans" -Kim Bridgford. Please check out the link above for news, review clips, and more!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Marly at MALIA - Roanoke, VA

Featured Speaker, Mid-Atlantic Library Alliance Spring Meeting
South County Library, Roanoke, Virginia

Friday, April 20 1-2:30  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
1-2:00 "The Library's Child"
Marly Youmans talks about growing up with a librarian mother and how that helped shape her identity as an author of poetry, novels, stories, and Southern Appalachian fantasies for children. With readings from recent work in three genres.
2-2:30 Q and A and book signing

Poet Jeffery Beam on A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage  plus links here


  1. Enjoy! Hope you are feeling better. Jeremy has the flu now.

  2. An hour's talk and reading! I'm sure it will go well, just wish I could be there! Good health and good luck, Marly.

  3. Robbi, thanks--starting to feel stronger. So sad about Jeremy. Bad flu, go away!

    Thanks, Marja-Leena--I wish so too.


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