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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In memory of baby Theodore

"Jonas at four days"
Years ago, a poet introduced me to the drawings and paintings of Laura Murphy Frankstone through her artlog, Laurelines. Since then, we've corresponded and even spent an evening together in the company of friends in Chapel Hill. Now Laura, who has given pleasure to so many, is asking for support. This weekend she and other family and friends will be the team for a March of Dimes walk in memory of her stillborn grandson, Theodore Mulhollan, child of Kate and Biff. You may read about the effort in Kate's words here.

Please join me in supporting the family team of walkers (you are also welcome to go along on the 3-mile walk in Raleigh, North Carolina) with a donation.

Laura's recent sketch of an 18th-century
German polychrome angel

My Team's Event

April 28, 2012
Imperial Center
4309 Emperor Boulevard
Durham, NC 27703

Walk Distance: 3.1 miles
Registration Time: 8:30 AM
Start Time: 10:00 AM
Chapter: Eastern Carolina Division
Phone: (919) 781-2481 


  1. Thank you, dear Marly. You have a heart as big as your intellect and talent... and that's a concept hard to take in, but true.

  2. Thanks for the lovely triangle of praise, Laura! No doubt I don't deserve it, but we always like such things anyway...


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