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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Library's Child

ROANOKERS: MALiA Spring Meeting
Featured Speaker
Mid-Atlantic Library Alliance Conference
Roanoke, Virginia
April 20 1-2:30

1-2:00 "The Library's Child"
Marly Youmans talks about growing up with a librarian mother and how that helped shape her identity as an author of poetry, novels, stories, and Southern Appalachian fantasies for children. With readings from recent work in three genres.
2-2:30 following the talk: Q and A and book signing

The MALiA spring meeting will be Friday, April 20th at the new South County Library in Roanoke. Guest speakers include John Ulmschneider of the VLA Legislative Committee, on advocating for your library and the legislative agenda, and author Marly Youmans, the author of novels, collections of poetry, and two young adult novels set in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

The Mid Atlantic Library Alliance is a consortium of 150+ public, academic, school, and special libraries in Virginia, North Carolina, and northeastern Tennessee.

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