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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Secret no more--

Update:  Here I am eating a so-called Thai salad in the Philly airport, which is being "expanded for [my] convenience." A sign like that one is always a bad sign! And I guess that I need to update because maybe the rather minimal (I'm-on-the-road) post wasn't so clear... The link is nothing to do with Mercer's nomination of the new book; it's an entirely different thing. That is, I'm going to serve on the judging panel for the young people's award. And I think that will be interesting and a lot of work and a lot of fun. New friends! Hundreds of books to read! Jolly arguments! Etc.

* * *

As I am traveling, I will just share a bit of news: go here, and then slide down to the very bottom of the page (in the "young people" section!) and see what you find.

(Please look at prior posts for links to a discount, 24 Goodreads giveaways of A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage, other new book links, and news about my Friday talk in Roanoke.)


  1. aw thats AWESOME Marly. And truly deserving. Its a beautiful book and not just for young people.

  2. No, no, no! This is nothing to do with Mercer nominating my new book for the lit award!

    I'm going to be a judge for the young people's lit award! Will be lots of fun...

  3. However, you were write about the awesome part!

  4. Glad to hear this. Judging contests is fun, and you will be in a position to change some young person's life! That's great.

  5. As Robbie said! My what a busy lady you are. Have fun!

  6. Oh, man!

    Terrible typo--right/write! Quick airport typing...


    Well, the awards don't go to young people but to books written by people who can be any age and are written for younger readers!


    Shall try my best!


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