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Monday, April 30, 2012

Discount closing...

Just 28 more hours for the National Poetry Month offer at Mercer--

The Throne of Psyche discount:
In celebration of the new book and National Poetry Month,
Mercer is offering The Throne of Psyche
 at 20% off plus free shipping  Discount code: POETRY

Read chapter one at Scribd 
See the book page
See the new facebook page

Goodreads giveaway, April 15-May 15: 
a generous 24 copies from Mercer - please sign up!

Amazon hardcover and ebook
Indie bookstore search
Buy direct from Mercer

UPDATE. On my North Carolina list for readings in May:  City Lights in Sylva (home stomping grounds near Cullowhee); Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh; Flyleaf in Chapel Hill; and McIntyre's in Pittsboro. I may add another, depending on my schedule, which includes a graduation...

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