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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A little bit of Thanksgiving

Thanks to Christopher Winters for doing a public reading from The Throne of Psyche. I love that he did it--and plans to do it again, the madman! I'm very glad that he got a good response, and hope anybody else who does such an outrageous thing will drop me a line and let me know how it went.

It takes a whole tribe of people these days to go on the march and get the word out about a book of poetry. One must tell the barbarians who might yet read and the people who are already poetry readers.  Thanks for helping, Chris!


  1. Excellent!
    I wonder which he chose to read!

    Poetry readings are becoming more and more popular now, with more venues in more townships/cities than ever before.
    I find this extraordinarily encouraging!

  2. "Southern to the Bone" and "Some Other Things I Hated About the 20th Century." He mentioned some others that he thought about and I suppose may do next time...

  3. Wow! That is a tribute, but wouldn't you rather do it yourself?

  4. The more the merrier! Poems are things that I give away, so if somebody receives one and wants to share it--that's all to the good. I'd be perfectly happy if people recited my poems here, there, and everywhere! There is no down side to this, I think. He also shared the book and talked about it...

  5. 'The more the merrier! Poems are things that I give away, so if somebody receives one and wants to share it--that's all to the good.'

    You have a generous spirit Marly Youmans, and it's good to see that you attract like-minded friends and admirers!

  6. Robin,

    Yes, sweet, isn't it?


    Of course, one could say that in money-mad societies, anybody knows that a poet is counter to all and so poems are "worth nothing." Either poets know better or they are mad. Or both.

  7. You are indeed very generous, and it seems that the world gives back to you in kind. That is good news.

  8. Robbi,

    Feeling amused: I don't know that the world notices me all that much, but that's okay with me! I don't pay attention to a lot of what it does, so we're even.

    As Alice might say, "I do what I like, and I like what I do." (Not that I don't do plenty of the other sort of thing as well!)

    My advice is just to pursue your joy and use your talents, to give no heed to the world's measures of success, and to remember that there's plenty of room at the table for everybody.

  9. The world is, indeed, saturated with wonderful things!

    Too much good stuff out there. We would have to live to incredible ages to read, hear, see it all.

    What we create is an expression of ourselves.

    There are those who call for 'More! More! More!" and that is understandable sometimes (in the case of what you do, completely so) but there should be a LOUDER call. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" and... sometimes there is.

    And that is good.

  10. Hey, Paul, psst--thanks!

    In particular for curating that wonderful show and writing the music! I just wish that I could have gone (flashlight in hand) on one of the fancy nights...

    * * *

    Actually, that does not sound like Alice. More like the Mad Hatter!


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